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Exhibition / Event :
FC11 - collective exhibition of visual artists at the C12 (Brussels, 2018)
Cosmic factory - collective exhibition for the annual cosmic pop records festival at LaVallée (Brussels, 2018)
Release Gossips for breakfast #2 at Lombric, Bruxelles, 10/02/2022
Exhibitor at the Spin-off, Angoulême, 17 to 20/03/2022
Solo show at the Sterput, Brussels, 24 to 27/03/2022
Exhibitor at the Parcours d’artistes, Saint Gilles (Bxl), mai 2022
Exhibitor at the Paris Ass Book Fair, Lafayette Anticipation, Paris, 4 to 6/06/2022

Clients :
L'ilot Asbl - Day care for homeless people, Belgium
Kastagne - flowers farm - Brussels (visual ID)
Patatak - Modern french fries restaurant - Brussels (fresque murale)
O'rayon - vintage shop - Brussels (visual ID)
➔ Centre d'action laïque - Brussels (Women's caravan campain)
➔ CFFB - centre des femmes francophones de Belgique - Brussels (fifty fifty campain)